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Maras Moray & Salt Mines Tour

Maras Moray & Salt Mines Tour

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Mysterious pre Inca agricultural terraces and salt terraces await your admiration. "Maras" salt mines that today regain importance for their healthy properties and was used by the Cusquenian from ancestral times and "Moray" conformed by a systems of agricultural terraces that overlap concentrically.Discover the amazing views and pictures that you can take in Maras Moray & Salt Mines Tour.


Our Maras Moray & Salt Mines tour takes place every day from 8:30 hours from Cusco and the return will be 3:00 pm (approx) the first place we will visit is in MORAY archaeological center which is located approximately 57 kilometers. This archaeological center is unique. Many chroniclers and students say that it could be a center for agricultural research and laboratory because of the disposition of its Inca circular terraces, which were clearly to generate microclimates such as colder to higher temperatures, gradually reducing the temperatures, and can differentiate even more than 20 different climates don adapted more than 350 different plants. Then we will go to MARAS. This town was called as the village of Assisi of maras in the Spanish time because it was founded by PEDRO ORTIZ DE ORUE. It is said that this town was very important to evangelize the people of Maras and their neighbors in the same way today we can see in its cover of the houses sculpted in rocks the shields of the religion also tell that the Arrieros were forced to transport the agricultural products thus cusco. Then continuing with our visit we will arrive like in SALT MINES. This place is made up of about 400 small salt wells. It is built on the mountain of kachi qata, from where salt water comes out this place was very important since the Inca times because the Inca gave a use of much value for food such as charki or stuffed meat. Nowadays the salt is still being extracted to export Asia Europe, to obtain the salt the inhabitants have to fill the well then let the water evaporate and the salt remain if it is done for a month or more until the volume is obtained and the solides of salt. Then we will return directly to Cusco. And this probably will be one of the best trips that you can take in Cusco.

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08:30 We pick you up from Hotel

09:00 Starting to the Maras, Moray & Salineras Tour

10:20 Guided tour of Moray

10:50 Driving to Maras

11:00 Guided tour of the Maras Colinial small town

11:20 Driving to Salt Mines

11:50 Salt Mines guided tour

12:30 Return to Cusco

14:30 Cusco 

Detailed Itinerary

Maras Moray & Salt Mines Tour:

The tour starts picking you up at your hotel between 7:50 am and 8:30 am.We will head to visit Moray known as agricultural terraces where you can enjoy a unique landscape, then we will visit the Salt Mines of Maras, where you will be able to observe various salt deposits.We will be back in Cusco at approximately 2:30 pm, in each place you have 40 minutes of visit (approximate time).


  • The tourist ticket costs S / 70.00 Nuevos Soles (Admission to Moray), if I buy the integral tourist ticket to tour the City Tour, that ticket serves you.


  • Tourist transportation,
  • Professional bilingual Tour Guide,
  • Entrance fee to Salt mine (Salineras).


  • Boleto turistico (tourist ticket),
  • Water (You can buy during the tour)
  • Meals not details
  • Tips to local staff.(optional)


  • Camera or video camera (Optional).
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, caps or hats.
  • Light clothing.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Snack


  • Camera or video camera (Optional).
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, caps or hats.
  • Light clothing.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Snack

What places do we visit on the Maras, Moray & Salineras tour


The village of Maras will be our first point of visit; which was of great importance during the Viceroyalty, declared Villa of San Francisco de Asís (it was the main supplier of salt from the southern sierra), as shown by the church and the houses that still conserve the shields of indigenous nobility in their facades.


Salt Mines

The Salt Mines of Maras our second point of visit belongs to the town Maras, which was of great importance during the Viceroyalty, was the main supplier of salt from the southern, as shown by the church and the houses that still conserve the shields of nobility indigenous in their facades. The Salt Mines of Maras surprise the visitor by the more than three thousand wells that it presents and that at present are still being worked by more than 360 families, who have inherited this custom and extractive craft work; salt marketing is under the responsibility of the Maras Sal association, which is in charge of looking after the interests of the community since the late 1980s.



We will visite the circular terraces of Moray, which are a sample of how the Andean man challenged nature and took advantage of its geographical environment to use it to their benefit, these circular platforms served as agricultural laboratory that allowed to obtain a wide variety of species of potatoes, corn, among other products.

Ticket Prices

General tourist ticket

  • Adult Foreign Price:  S/. 130.00
  • National Adult Price: S/.  70.00

Partial tourist ticket

To carry out the Maras, Moray & Salineras Tour, you will require the "Partial Tourist Ticket" in which the incomes to Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero and Moray are included:

  • Adult Foreign Price:  S/. 70.00
  • National Adult Price: S/. 40.00