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Camping Equipment Inca Trail

The explorers and in general the people who care about nature and those who worry about the fact of what kind of tents we use, please read this blog. The reasons why, the great diversity of brands, the variety of existing models and the complexity of technological development that exists today is for the new demand. There are brands that for each season offer models with different services: a new pocket, different curvature of the palm hearts, a better speed system or a different mode of assembly. These changes already make the tent have a new qualifier or name and in most cases that its price is different. Here is some information for our camping equipment, especifically our tents use at some adventures as the famous Inca Trail, among others. Fundamentally, you must decide if they are going to be the main conditions in which the tent will be used. First we will describe the type of tents that exist.


Tents of four seasons:
Designed for people who want to go camping in cold conditions, such as high mountains, and who need a high quality tent with a low weight. They are tents with greater resistance to winds and adverse weather conditions. Its materials are of greater strength and its geometry is designed to withstand high winds and heavy snowfall. Many models are provided with over-roofs or skirts to the floor to achieve a better fixedness against the wind and greater resistance to the entry of snow, wind and water into the tent. Its main destination is the use in high mountains or places with hostile and adverse climates, where it is essential to use tents with a high degree of stability, resistance and durability. An exaple are the tents we use for Salkantay Trek.


Expedition tents:
These are the most resistant to inclement weather, are tents made with the most resistant materials possible and the geometry of them are designed for high winds and snowstorms. In this type of tents the priority, above factors such as weight, etc., is that they have great resistance in extreme conditions. They are smaller tents and usually they are not for more than three people, being the interior space as small as possible to minimize the loss of heat inside it, but always taking into account enough space for long expeditions where you need to store many things. For example the tents use for Choquequirao Trek and the original Inca Trail


Intermediate tents:
They are called tents: three-four stations or four expedition-stations. They are tents that consider conditions for the minor category, but with some advantages of the superiors. For example a four-season expedition tent, can be very useful in adverse weather conditions as well as it can also be considered as an expedition tent but with some limitations.


Camping Equipment: Tent use by Inca Hiking Trails


Mountain Pass 3XTE


  • 2-pole High performance Dome tent
  • Fly rod creates head space high in the vestibules to ensure dry tent entry and provide functional vestibule space for storage
  • Unique bottom venting vestibules ensure excellent air flow
  • Clear view windows in the vestibules allow convenient visibility and lighten tent interior
  • Durable, shock-corded, freestanding frame with clips and post & grommet assembly makes set up quick and easy
  • Roof vents in the tent and fly provide ample High/Low air flow to the tent interior—low vents draw air in; high vents allow warm air out
  • Two twin-track, side-opening doors are protected by the 4-sided full coverage fly
  • Interior pockets keep essentials close at hand
  • Gear loft included
Mountain Pass 3XTE

Sleeping Capacity

4 but we use them just for 2 peolple and for your comfort

Interior Peak Height

4 ft 2 in

Minimum Weight

7 lbs 15 oz

Pack Size

7 in x 21 in

Floor Area

47.6 ft²



Vestibule Area Front

25.3 ft²

Vestibule Area Rear

25.3 ft²



Storage Pockets



As you can see, we use one of the best brand in tents, also we can mention another model used too Marmot, also that like our stores of the eureka brand, they are comfortable and safe. We will make your trip completely unforgettable and you will enjoy the most of your trip


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