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The Inca Trail Treks:This is the one if you want to trek the most well-known path, which is a hike that goes through high altitude. It takes you over the Dead Woman’s Pass and involves steep climbs and descents and beautiful vistas and ends at Machu Picchu. The total distance of the route is about 44km, it begins at km82 in Pisqacucho. After your briefing you begin your trek by crossing a bridge (the checking point), then walk along the left side through a tranquil eucalyptus garden.

Because of the amount of people wanting to do this hike, the Peruvian government has restricted the availability of the Inca Trail Trek in order to protect the path. 500 people are now allowed on the trail per day, this includes about 180 tourists and the rest is staff (guides, cooks, porters).

Due to these restrictions, in order to avoid disappointment we advise you to make your booking more than 3 months in advance if you want to go between October to January and at least 6 months between the months of March to September, as this is the high season and permits are sold out quickly.



Inca Trail Tours 2022 -2023

4 days | from: USD 680.00

Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

2 days | from: USD 450.00

Trekking the Inca Trail

5 Days | from: USD 700.00

Cheapest Inca Trail Tour

4 Days | from: USD 550.00

Salkantay to Inca Trail

7 days | from: USD 850.00

Inca Trail Hike Tour

9 Days | from: USD 1320.00

Inca Trail Expedition

11 Days | from: USD 0.00

Inca Trail Trek

15 Days | from: USD 1850.00

2 Day Inca Trail with Camping

2 Days | from: USD 550.00

Sacred Valley & Short Inca Trail

3 Days | from: USD 650.00

Maras - Moray - Salt mines & Short Inca Trail

3 Days | from: USD 700.00